Maintenance and rehabilitation

Some recipes simple and effective within the reach of all and all.

should be first cleaned the furniture.

Whether it's before a significant restoration or a simple seasonal maintenance. It is essential to remove the stigma of the daily life of their surfaces

For furniture with leather or canvas elements prior disassembly is necessary.


For this it suffices to use: A basin of warm water and SOAP type detergent, sponge with 'side of green'

Clean, wash, rub in the direction of the wood, don't be afraid to get wet.

Rinse well and several times.

If there is presence of Burns, blows and injuries, "Rusty" black spots, part peeled off, etc…
See you had the surgery section.

After washing and "drying a few hours" comes to the oiling.


50% linseed oil.
50% turpentine.

Mix in a sealed jar with lid to screw type jar of jam or canning jar.

Always with a brush and a sponge to back green "dry and new".
Well soak up your furniture wooden surfaces make drink wood as long that he's asking for that sometimes it takes 2 or 3 applications.

The side of the sponge green allows byAbrasif2PinceauPapierDeVerre
the same opportunity to do a light sanding.

Always in the direction of the wood.


When your furniture won't absorb the oil: wipe off the excess and let it dry.
It is best to rub the piece of furniture with wiping paper and this repeatedly, your paper should not be bold in contact with the wood.

"Attention risk of fires"
Before throwing away them, wet used FAT wiping papers

On a daily basis a CHAPO furniture speaks very simply a bit of cloth or wet sponge. Once or twice a year if he in need a little "MOUMOUTAGE" gives a new youth.

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