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Pierre CHAPO


  • Born July 23, 1927 paris nineteenth one family of artisans in Belleville.
  • Alphonse, grandfather, Dyer, to the porte des Lilas.
  • Aimee, grandmother, fouleuse of felt, to the Telegraph.
  • Gustave, the uncle, merchant of colours in Montreuil.
  • Mary, aunt, grocer in Romainville.
  • The elders of the "fortif" – the area – grants – the fort of lilac – the fort of Romainville – station turrets – the bus Q.

The borders of daily life:

  • The square of the Republic.
  • The place of the throne.
  • The bastille.
  • The channel.
  • The Villette.


  • The chatelet.
  • The opera – havre Caumartin.

Distant neighbourhoods:

  • Cooler.
  • The cheap.
  • Passy.


Municipal school, street noises of Romainville and comings and goings of a family in a kid's ear:

  • Stravinsky.
  • The cross of fire.
  • Wedding and banquets of the family.
  • On 6 February.
  • The Popular Front.
  • Municipal school of the street of Romainville.
  • Maurice chevalier.
  • Mistinguette.
  • Bertha silva.
  • The theatre of Châtelet.


His parents, Dyers, cleaners, launderers, usiniers, moved to Vierzon in the expensive.

  • The war.
  • The occupation.
  • The line of demarcation.
  • The restrictions.
  • The refuelling.
  • Secondary studies in Bourges, Neuvy-on-Barengeon (Vierzon).
  • The choir.
  • The fishing line.
  • The ballads.
  • Swimming.
  • The flirtations.
  • The oil painting.
  • The Wherry.
  • Exhibited his paintings at home of Vierzon youth under the name of Chesper.


Important relationship with a Navy of Vierzon Carpenter:

PERROT, works in his Studio, or it is set with wood, the material, the nature trust. Invented the pyramid library.


End of the Fine Arts, quai malaquais eligible family addiction.

  • A street of seine – nouvos – the Chief of poro – architecture workshop digs the place maubert.
  • A living: weekly LATIN repetitions – dips at mother Mazet – Messenger at Walter.
  • Designer brands – guide to foreign tourists.
  • Escaped to England: hitchhiking – harvest – other trades.
  • Other breakaways: Sweden – Finland – the Gargoyle – bands.
  • Clips-ass – ride with great fanfare in Berlin.


Following studies at the Beaux-Arts, architecture section.

  • Meeting and concubinage with Nicole LORMIER (painter and sculptor) – purchase of the Ford Model T (1922) – another trip to Scandinavia.
  • Exhibition of painting in Norway – paint building. Preliminary draft of a fire station to a village.



Military service in Germany – marriage with Nicole Lormier.

  • Emile Lormier, the great-grandfather of Nicole, was a carpenter in le Havre.


Continuation of studies in Fine – Arts – Negro of architect – atelier massier – delegated to the holiday of the great mass.

1955 – 1956PC_et_NC_ford_T

Travel in Central America, Mexico, u.s.a. Canada.

  • Birth of the first son, Nicolas CHAPO – the crossing of the continent in Ford T.



Comparative study of Spanish colonial churches in the 18th century in Antigua, Guatemala.

This study has three hundred photos and surveys to track changes in a theme of architecture.

  • Expressed by a number reduced by manufacturers in a time and a place, very circumscribed.

This study was subsidized and exhibited by the National office of tourism in Guatemala.


  • Stage of Industrial trail in the U.S. Mr. Lescher and Mahoney architects in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Study trip, visit schools of architecture, Mexico Taliesin, m.i.t. Chicago.
  • Report to the great mass.


Continuation of studies in fine arts – the first cases.

  • Being an architect and entrepreneur at a time.
  • No longer want to work for a boss.


Crafts in the black with 2 Hungarian refugees and a Belgian friend.

  • Development of shops in Paris.


Meet Veronica Filozof, Robert Morel.


  • Shop 14 boulevard hospital 75005 PARIS – construction of the House of the painter Calvet in Montpellier.
  • Trip to the u.s.a. as speaker.
  • First models of furniture:


  • First orders:

L01Z compo 1964
- a simple L01, flat bed, on the ground, for Beckett, named Godot.


- a table called Lorraine T01.


Exhibition Arts and crafts Techniques: tables and sofa.

  • Gold Medal of the city of Paris.


Creation of the workshop for the manufacture of furniture in Clamart.

  • R08Expansion of the business (15 employees) .the R08
  • Participation in exhibitions and various awards: Arts household.
  • French crafts House – Society of encouragement of the Arts and Industries.
  • Salon of artists decorators where he had been denied 2 times – C.A.I.M etc…TV 61

Creation of the B10.


Godul (conjunction of Godot and thingy): three-dimensional Assembly of panels.


Apartment witness to the Cape Camarat (Var). Architects: Véret, Turnauer, Renaudin

Marshall camarat


Home of today: a study – expo village. Savigny on barley House Thelu. Architects: Deslandes, Champetier, Marcilly.

  • House of crafts French, Hotel of sense: a Hairdresser, two armchairs.


The artists decorators show: a library.

  • Bronze medal of society of encouragement to art and industry.



Birth of the second son, Fidel CHAPO.

  • A change of scenery, and Taube, a visit to the village of Gordes.? attachment_id = 992
  • Discovery of Gordes – Songs of workshop (a record)







Buy at auction the sandstone, called the cow barn in Gordes.the sandstone 1967

  • Foundation of the company "Chapo to Gordes S.A".divers2_-_copie
  • Pierre CHAPO CEO This company sells and manufactures furniture in solid wood, designed by Pierre Chapo.
  • It includes a plant in Gordes in the Vaucluse.
  • A workshop in Clamart – a boutique in Paris.
  • Custodians in Brussels and in various cities of France.
  • Subcontracting with three workshops in the Vosges (Abrechreschviller, Lunéville).
  • Home of today: a sauna – library Forney, conference under the title: wood, Tradition, Creation and sincerity.


Training course of cabinetmaker (cooperative of Artisans of Rouergue).


Museum of Decorative Arts: conference on cabinetmakers and carpenters.


6 December. Letter to the headmaster of the school of Cavaillon, to the Commissioner of Police of cavaillon.

  • To denounce the practice of drug and prostitution in high school, Cavaillon and Gordes.
  • The inertia of the public authorities.
  • Began a hunger strike.


The beam tables:



The garden Chair:

S23S 44 back nb


The Chlacc:

S45 (construction homogeneous laminated Assembly stuck nailed).


The one-step caliper (invention that allows you to place a panel within a framework without having to disassemble the frame).

  • The table of variable geometry: TGV


No longer chasing buses, monte hardly standing on his table – trying to ride the bike.


Go (modular bookcase).


Disease Charcot – crouched down and can't get up.

  • Impairment of the spinal cord.
  • S L's: lateral sclerosis als.


The anti-cuisine.


Absolutely immobilized and totally dependent.

  • Working with two fingers, both his eyes and his mind, Gordes.


July-August, tribute to Pierre CHAPO and his model exhibition at the Town Hall of Cabrières in Avignon.


January death of Pierre CHAPO.

The album songs of workshop:



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