treatment after cleaning

Surgery is a very precise art furniture CHAPO are human beings living with which do not do "anything".

If need be "care".


Assault and battery:

The assault and simple battery may well be recovered by re-inflation of the wood in the water, the pattemouille and the iron.
Proceed delicately and precisely as possible.
The wood has an amazing ability to find its forms after crash by simple slub.
Attention to do not burn wood it is better that there is too much water than not enough.

Tasks of wine and rust:

Here we discuss the chemistry, some wood do not react like the others.
Rust and wine stains are not as violent and difficult to remove on the elm on the oak.
Antirouilles acid phosphoric or other to be applied to the cotton swab on the tasks up to disappearance.
Rinse well water.


The problem is very serious and virtually incurable.
Wood that is no longer there, or coal, which replaces it may be that:

  • Camouflaged, dimmed by the washing and the application of shellac in the interstice cleaned before any black burn mark or brunette.
  • A little sanding and oiling will follow.



This requires more or less deep scar sand or scrape and sand until its demise be careful do not sand on too small an area and which would meet later.


These are has eliminated by chemical voice different treatment anti insect products are on the market.
Choose a product type "colourless xylophene" be careful to apply the product in ventilated area "toxic fumes".
Wash and clean up before and after and re – oiled after evaporation or drying of the product.

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